Scrims are available in these sizes: 

Scrim 730mm (18kW Arrimax)
Scrim 530mm (12kW)
Scrim 571mm (9kW)
Scrim 495mm (10kW, 6kW)
Scrim 400mm (5kW Studio, 4kW)
Scrim 330mm (5kW, 1200W PAR, 1800W)
Scrim 230mm (2kW, 1200W Compact)
Scrim 197mm (1kW, 575W)
Scrim 185mm (800W)
Scrim 168mm (650W, 400W)
Scrim 130mm (300W) 


Scrims are metal screens mounted in a metal frame. They are placed in front of a light to reduce light intensity. scrim covers the entire or half the lightface and reduces the intensity of the entire light beam. Each set contains 4 different types of scrims: Full Single, Full Double, Half Single and Half Double scrims.