Mega Single Kino Flo


Power consumption:                          ~150W, 220V
Correlated Color Temperature:          3200K / 5600K
Mount:                                                     Junior 28mm Spigot
Dimensions:                                           69 x 33 x 9 cm
Weight:                                                    3 kg

Package includes:
1x Head
1x Signal cable
1x Ballast
1x Lamp
1x Grid


This is the largest piece of Kino Flo. The 1-Lamp 180cm Mega Single fixture has built-in barn doors, a slide on the center mount with a 28mm Junior pin and two 90 degree louvers. The lamp can be removed from the fixture’s shell and reflector and mounted separately anywhere on the set. The size of the lamp gives is substantial output and a wrap-around quality and make it a natural for lighting large reflective objects. Optional True Match lamps with a high CRI of 95 are available for separate purchase.