Hive Wasp 100-c + S4 mini barrel


Beam Angle 22 to 180°
Color Temperature 1650 to 8000K
Color Accuracy Standard TLCI 97
CRI 98
Dimming Yes, 0 to 100% (Continuous)
Display LCD
Housing Material Aluminum
Photometrics 49 fc / 527.2 lux at 15′ / 4.57 m
Fixture Dimensions Spot: 4.0 x 7.5″ / 10.2 x 19.1 cm (Including Yoke)
Fixture Weight 5 lb / 2.27 kg (Including Receiver)
Power Input Connector 4-Pin XLR
Lens Diameter 5″ / 12.7 cm
Fixture Mount 5/8″ (16mm baby) Receiver
Remote Operation
Remote Control Type Wi-Fi (phone app)
AC Input Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power 12 to 20 VDC
Power Source AC Adapter, External Battery
Max Power Consumption 100 W


The Wasp 100-C PAR Spot LED Light from Hive is a lightweight, versatile LED source with a small form factor and superior performance features. The light has a 22°, highly polished reflector, and 4-way barn doors, making it a great choice for selective lighting or long-throw work. Among the available optional accessories includes a 180° flood reflector for wider coverage. The 100-C has a standard yoke with a 16mm receiver for stand mounting.
Control is the keyword in the construction of the 100-C. Hive uses what they call Perfect S.H.O.T controls which is an umbrella term for complete control and adjustment of every aspect of light output. Part of the success of the system is due to the use of 5-chip LED blending. Instead of the traditional 3 colors, Hive uses Red, Amber, Lime, Cyan, and Sapphire for nearly infinite color combinations with a high CRI/TLCI rating of 98 and 97. Color can be adjusted from a very warm amber 1650K to an icy blue 8000K. But control doesn’t stop there. There’s 360° hue adjustment around the color wheel as well as 0-100% saturation control. The 100-C can also be dimmed from 0-100%. Once you’ve grown accustomed to the 100-C’s features, you’ll want to take it everywhere, and thanks to its 100-240 VAC power supply, you can. The 100-C comes with the previously mentioned 22° reflector, a power supply mounting bracket, and a set of 4-leaf barn doors.
The set also includes S4 mini barrel which allows focussing the light beam of The Wasp into a follow spot like shape with the ability to cut unwanted sides and control the focus range.