Grip Factory GF-9 Crane



Max Length:                       9m
Max Payload:                     25-45kg
Weight crane only:           143Kg
Length backend:               248cm
Length dolly:                     127cm
Width dolly:                       85cm
Weight dolly:                     112kg
Min are 180 degree:         3m x 6m. 


Grip Factory Munich, one of the worlds best manufacturers of Grip equipment designed a crane that remarkably outstands all the rest. It’s versatile, durable and provides unmatched ease of movement and steady crane moves.
Featuring very lightweight parts, tool-free assembly, no numerical setup procedure, extremely stable arm, very high payloads at all lengths and a choice between a 4 wheelbase Dolly or Tripod. 

For studio or hard to get to locations, the GF 9 is a smart choice and accommodates a wide range of Remote Heads. 

The GF 9 is a long elegant modular remote crane system. It reaches a maximum length of 9m by 1-meter intervals. You can easily determine the desired length on-site. 

The crane can carry a remote head and camera system of 25kg to 45kg depending on the length. 

This crane is (like all models by GF) transported on a cart that passes through a standard door.