Camerobot High Speed Motion Control


Precise robotic camera arm for broadcast studios 

Camerobot Systems developed a robotic camera system that will bring broadcast studios to a new level. Today’s requirements for increasing flexibility paired with constant quality are one of the core components of Camerobot’s robotic camera system. Broadcasting news has developed from just telling the news in a static environment to interactive and dynamic shows during the last years. The Camerobot facilitates to be a modern, interesting and dynamic studio. Virtual Reality during movements, silent operation and an easy to use graphical user interface enable broadcasting in top-quality every day.

How it works 

The robotic camera system consists of a modified robot arm, control unit, and software that have been developed for daily use in broadcast studios. The system can be controlled from inside the control room by one person. Movements that have been saved can be triggered with just one click or even automatically. New movements are created within minutes and existing ones can be modified easily.