800W ARRI M8 1000Hz


Power Consumption:                               800W, 220V AC
Correlated Color Temperature:              5600K
Mounting:                                                   Junior 28mm spigot
Weight:                                                        8,7kg
Dimensions:                                               45.8×34.4×31.1 cm

Package Includes:
1x Head
1x 1000 Hz Ballast
1x Signal Cable
1x 800w lamp


The newest addition to the ARRI M-Series M8 is the smallest fixture in the line equipped with the newest award-winning ARRI technologies. The extremely compact head provides the same amount of light as 1200W fresnel or PAR (with lens) while it draws only 800W.
The combination of parabolic lens, barn doors, and spot/flood knob enable easy control of its hard beam with crisp shadows.
A 1000Hz ballast allows M8 to be used on high speed shoots up to 1000 frames per second and the light can be dimmed down to 50%.