800kW Arrilite openface ARRI


Power consumption:                        800W, 220 V
Correlated Color Temperature:     ~3200K
Mounting:                                           Baby 16mm socket
Weight:                                                3kg

Package Includes:
1x Head
1x Barn-doors
1x 800W lamp


An Arrilite open-face is the light that never gets old. Great reflector technology allows an even light spread while keeping high light output without the front lens (hence the name – OPENFACE). The high light output makes it ideal for bouncing or diffusing and it provides wide cover area. The light is easily controlled with the spot/flood knob and barn doors. It can also be hooked to any 800W and higher dimmer for a full 0 to 100% output control. The design of the fixture makes it much less heat-sensitive for a rigging when the light is facing straight down or up.