1.8 kW ARRISUN18


Power consumption:                               4000W / 2500W, 220 V
Correlated Color Temperature:           ~6000K
Mounting:                                                   Junior 28mm spigot
Weight:                                                       8.0kg (Head)

Package Includes:
1x Head
1x 100 Hz Ballast
1x Signal Cable
1x 1.8kw lamp
1x Converter lens kit


ARRISUN lamps are workhorses of location lighting; whenever punch or bounce light is required on set, an ARRISUN provides the ultimate answer. For years 1.8 kW Arrisun head was one of the best fixtures to use when high quality and high quantity of light was needed. The head is designed to work best with 1.8kW lamp, but a 1.2kW lamp is also acceptable and the ballast automatically recognizes it. 100Hz silent Ballast allows changing the frequency 100Hz/60Hz/50Hz also allowing to dim the light down to 50%. Together with a full range of lenses, barn-doors and spot/flood knob the head enables easy light beam control.