ARRIMAX 18kW M-Series


Power Consumption:                          18.000W / 12.000W, 220V AC
Correlated Color Temperature:         5600K
Mounting:                                              Junior 28mm spigot
Dimensions HEAD:                               85.2 x 78 x 81 cm
Dimensions BALLAST:                          50.6 x 28.3 x 54.8 cm

Package Includes:
1x Head
1x 300 Hz Ballast
1x Signal Cable
1x 18kw lamp


Arrimax is a top of the line fixture designed for the situations where the highest amount of light output is required. The design of the parabolic reflector allows to use the light without lenses and eliminates the loss of light.
Depending on the situation, the light can be easily controlled by adjusting the beam angle from 15 to 50 degrees, while also the 4-leaf barndoor at the front provides the possibility to restrict light from unwanted areas.
The Head accepts 18.000W lamp as well as 12.000W lamp for certain situations in need. The ballast automatically recognizes what lamp is inside and acts accordingly.
Directional light beam creates a hard shadow and allows for easy cut.