9kW Arri M90 1000Hz


Power consumption:                        9kW / 6kW
Correlated Color Temperature:    ~6000K
Mounting:                                            Junior 28mm spigot
Dimensions:                                        71.3 x 71.6 x 81.4 cm
Weight:                                                 40kg (Head)

Package Includes:
1x Head
1x 1000 Hz Ballast
1x Signal Cable
1x 18kw lamp


When you need a great punch of light but the Arrimax is already too big and M40 is just not enough, ARRI M90 is perfect to fill the gap. With M-Series parabolic lens M90 gives a great amount of hard light that is easy to control by spotting/flooding the beam from 16 to 49 degrees and cutting it with front Barndoor.
ARRI M90 is equipped with 1000Hz ballast that enables it to be used if highspeed shoots up to 1000 frames per second. The Ballast also allows the light to be dimmed down from 100% to 50% output.
The head accepts 9kW and 6kW laps, the ballast automatically detects what lamp is in.