4kW ARRI M40.2.5 1000Hz


Power Consumption:                         4000W / 2500W, 220V AC
Correlated Color Temperature:        5600K
Mounting:                                             Junior 28mm spigot
Dimensions HEAD:                              67.0 x 40.2 x 51.1 cm

Package Includes:
1x Head
1x 1000 Hz Ballast
1x Signal Cable
1x 4kw lamp


From all the M-Series range the M40 stands right in the middle with a great amount of light output and compact size. The unique parabolic reflector enables the Lens-less technology and makes this fixture extra bright. The hard light quality allows for hard shadows and easy cuts. The focused beam ranges from 18 to 52 degrees allows for easy control.
The reflector characteristics are optimized for 4000w lamp, but can also be used with 2500W lamps and the ballast automatically recognizes what bulb is in. 1000Hz ballast makes M40 a great deal on high speed shoots up to 1000 frames per second.